Egyptian swingers deny previous confessions

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: A couple convicted for organizing “spouse-swapping parties last October denied confessions they claimed were forcibly extracted from them by police officers, during their first appeal session.

The couple had confessed to having sexual relations with three other couples out of the 44 who signed up for the “swinging sessions. However, they later denied their statements.

“If 44 other couples are involved in those crimes that I am accused of organizing, then where are those couples? the accused husband said before the court.

However, the attorney general, Amr Omar, rejected their denial.

Police officer Ihab Al-Attar, who headed the investigation of this case, said in the hearing that the prosecution launched its investigations into the case after it received information on organized “spouse swapping parties from a classified source he refused to disclose.

Al-Attar said his investigations led him to that couple.

The court is scheduled to issue its verdict on June 24.

Last April, Tolba Abdel Hafez, 48, was sentenced to seven years in prison, and his wife Salwa Higazi, 37, received a three-year jail sentence, on charges of prostitution, spreading debauchery and publicizing it on the internet.

The court had also stated in its verdict that the couple will be placed under court surveillance for at least one year after they complete their jail terms.

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