MPs accuse government of overspending

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: Independent and Muslim Brotherhood members in the People’s Assembly filed an investigation request into what they claim is the government’s overspending on officials’ luxury cars and offices.

The request was filed to the prime minister and the minister of finance and was presented to the PA’s chairman Ahmed Fathi Sorour, according to Hamdy Hassan, member in the PA’s committee on industry and energy.

In their request, Hassan said, PA members call on the government to better allocate its resources to more important issues.

According to Hassan, this year’s Central Auditing Agency report revealed overspending on the government’s part.

The report stated that the government allocated LE 9 billion to luxury cars and furniture for the offices of ministers and high-ranking government officials, Hassan said.

“The report called on the government to cut back on its expenses in that area, he added.

“This amount [LE 9 billion] would have been better spent on the education or health sectors.

However, Hassan does not expect the request to elicit a response from the government.

“I don’t think Nazif or Ghali will even be present during this discussion, he said.

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