Brotherhood leader files lawsuit to end travel ban

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: Prominent Muslim Brotherhood member Essam Al-Erian filed a lawsuit Saturday against the interior minister to lift a travel ban that has prevented him from leaving the country for nine years.

The lawsuit was filed at the Egyptian Administrative Court against both the Minister of Interior and the director of the Travel and Migration Authority. According to Al-Erian, the ban requires him to obtain special permits to travel abroad, which he claims the authorities consistently refuse to provide. The lawsuit demands the court to quickly and permanently cancel the ban so he can travel abroad whenever he pleases. Al-Erian, who is also the treasurer of the Doctors’ Syndicate, said the ban has barred him from attending medical conferences and symposia as well as other international political conferences on Arab affairs. “I am a doctor and a public figure, which is why I am often asked to attend international events, Al-Erian said, adding that the ban is unjustified. “There is no public benefit in preventing me from traveling outside the country, which is a basic constitutional right, he said. The lawsuit also demanded moral and financial compensation for the damages incurred from the travel ban in accordance with Article 163 of the Egyptian Civil Code. A former member of parliament, Al-Erian was detained for seven months in May 2006 for participating in protests criticizing the government. He was released in December 2006. After his release, state security prosecution placed him under house arrest, but revoked its decision one day later.

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