Gamucci: a smoker's alternative

Safaa Abdoun
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For those who fear the fatal effects of smoking but can’t seem to give up their daily puff, Gamucci is the answer, giving smokers a half-way solution between quitting and keeping their nicotine addiction satisfied.

Gamucci is an electric cigarette which provides a real smoking experience in which the smoker has their nicotine fix without taking in the tobacco and tar found in real cigarettes and cigars.

“Most people who smoke, smoke because they enjoy the tactile, emotional and physical sensations. Gamucci provides all those same pleasures, but without all the problems commonly associated with traditional smoking, explains the product’s website,

Gamucci is a product of Gamucci Ltd, a London based manufacturer of innovative electronic smoking products. The company has a vision of contributing to the creation of a smoke free environment around the world by offering clean smoking without tobacco, tar and the thousands of other harmful material found in traditional cigarettes.

A Gamucci smoker is not subjected to the numerous chemical substances which are present in regular cigarettes. One of it key advantage is that it is non-flammable, which eliminates the environmental risks associated with smoking. The fact that it doesn’t produce any smoke removes the risk of second-hand smoking and even allows the user to smoke indoors, which is a leeway for those in countries that impose smoking bans in most restaurants, theaters and other public facilities.

According to the website, the leading reasons people use Gamucci include the reduction of a possible health risk; freedom to smoke anywhere; social inclusion versus isolation; no first or second hand smoke; a convenience that is virtually odorless; non-flammable, convenient and can be enjoyed at a lower cost than smoking.

“We are not selling it as an aid to give up smoking as 50 percent is addiction to the nicotine and 50 percent is addiction to the actual physical habit but it works for smokers who do not have the will power to give up, Tim Booth, founder of I Want One Of Those, told Mail Online.

“It is not harmful to them [the users] or to the people around them. There is no worry of passive smoking so it should not be affected by the ban, he added.

Gamucci is a piece of micro-electronic technology, shaped exactly like a real cigarette. From the inside it consists of a cartridge, an atomization chamber, a smart chip controller and built in lithium battery.

At the tip of the device, there is an operating mode indicator that lights up when the user inhales on it, similar to the flame that results from inhaling on a real cigarette. The atomization chamber is where the vapor-like smoke is created, a result of the nicotine dilution, which is found in the cartridge, heating up or atomizing.

This is what produces the vapor that when inhaled gives the user the nicotine fix that smokers crave, but without the negative side effects of burning tobacco. When the person exhales, what comes out is not smoke, but a vapor mist that immediately evaporates in the air within mere seconds.

This way Gamucci offers the person the substance they crave but with the minimal physical and environmental risks involved with smoking.

It’s yet to catch on in Egypt. Local users, who have bought the device during trips abroad, are still few and are yet to determine whether the Gamucci alternative is to their liking or not.

Gamucci users online had varying opinions on the products. One user in Brighton, England says, “I’ve been smoking for over 30 years and have tried to give up every January but never lasted more than a few weeks. The gums and patches never worked but now with the Gamucci I can get my nicotine hit in a much healthier way. It’s been two months since I had a cigarette and I’m feeling confident that with the help of the Gamucci I won’t go back.

On the other hand, another user posted a comment saying, “I recently purchased a Gamucci and I am really disappointed with it. The video on their website shows plenty of smoke from the cigarette but in reality this just isn’t the case with the one I have received.

The electronic cigarette is not available in Egypt but can be purchased online at

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