Four dead in El Tebbein clashes

Sarah Carr
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CAIRO: Four people are presumed dead following clashes between two families in El Tebbein, in Nazlet Elian Village, approximately 40 km from central Cairo. The entrance to the village is closed by the feuding families, with one source telling Daily News Egypt that the families have declared that the cars of those entering the village will be attacked.

There was heavy security presence at the entrance, with several Central Security and fire trucks spotted outside the village.

At the entrance of the village, gangs of teenagers were seen, each holding huge sticks.

A member of one of the families told Daily News Egypt that the fight started during a wedding on Tuesday night and continued to Wednesday. He didn’t explain, however, why the fighting started.

He said four people were killed. The news wasn’t confirmed.

Reuters’ reporter Nasser Nouri received information that one of the families is allegedly backed by the police, since some of its members are members of the parliament.

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