Police in search of American tourist with footage "marring Egypt's image"

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CAIRO: State Security Investigations began a search for American tourist Suzan Tamood Dong for allegedly possessing a documentary film containing footage marring Egypt’s image and inflaming sectarian tensions, sources told Daily News Egypt.

Ahmed Hassan Sayed, owner of Ghazal Studio for Photography at the Marriot hotel in Zamalek, filed a complaint against the tourist after she asked him for a device to play a tape she filmed in Egypt before sending it to the United States of America.

Dong had left the tape to Sayed while she went on a tour, to play it and make copies. He claimed it included scenes from the recent clashes between Muslims and Coptic monks at the Abou Fana Monastery in Minya. The intervention of the police was also recorded.

In addition, there were scenes of squatter settlements and slums to show Egypt’s poor economic conditions. Alongside this material, there was a commentary in English.

Upon watching the tape, Sayed allegedly reported his discovery to the Tourism Police. After finding no trace of Dong at the Marriott hotel, where she was staying, the police contacted the State Security which immediately embarked on a search.

When contacted by Daily News Egypt, the public relations department at the Marriott confirmed the incident but said that “the issue was still under investigation and thus refused to comment.

At time of press Sayed was also unavailable for comment. -With additional reporting by Safaa Abdoun.

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