MB supreme guide says he does not support Gamal Mubarak

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Mahdy Akef made statements this week rejecting the idea of Gamal Mubarak becoming the next president of Egypt, especially “given the country’s current status, according to a press statement sent to Daily News Egypt. In an interview with the German News Agency, Akef said that before, he was actually in favor of Gamal Mubarak being the next president, however, his attitude changed after the changes Article 76 of the constitution underwent – modifying the criteria for would-be presidential candidates.

“Article 76 was changed to make the presidential seat only fit for Gamal Mubarak and no one else, Akef said. He suggested that Gamal Mubarak not nominate himself in any elections unless he “leaves his father’s palace and communicates with the public directly. “But with the current situation, his nomination is completely rejected. Akef explained that his stance towards Gamal Mubarak is an outcome of the “bad policies, military courts, jail sentences handed down to politicians and members of the opposition and the prices hikes, which are all decisions taken by the policies committee of the NDP that he [Gamal Mubarak] is heading, so I only expect the worst out of him.

The MB was recently subject to government crackdowns ahead of the local council elections, where the NDP won 90 percent of the seats. Akef said that the NDP was the only party that was able to nominate itself in the elections and that 10,000 members from the MB have tried to nominate themselves, “however none of them was able to reach the nominations’ committees .

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