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Farah El Alfy
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Would you like some Krispy Kream donuts for breakfast even though they are not available in the country you live in? Do you need to fly your elephant from India to New York? Did you ever dream of strutting down the red carpet at the Oscars?

These requests may have once seemed inaccessible, but anything is possible for today’s high-end international society. Imagine having “a personal assistant that is super hooked up in every sense of the word, said Youssef Samaan, managing director of the Egypt branch of Quintessentially, set to launch in February.

Well you don’t have to imagine anymore because this is precisely what it means to be a member of Quintessentially, aiding luxury lifestyles.

“The requests can be as easy as asking for a reservation at Nobu in London all the way to whatever – as long as it’s legal, explains Samaan. “We are your assistants and we are here to facilitate anything you want.

Cairenes can now be pampered like the rich and famous, with a personal concierge service that spans the globe. Members include the likes of Richard Branson and Britney Spears.

“Egyptians are used to being pampered locally so we are expanding this service all around the world. If you are going out in Las Vegas, we will make sure they know who you are, he adds.

Whether you’re spending a week in Tokyo, stopping for a night in Monaco, or visiting Geneva on business, Quintessentially will tell you where it’s in to go out, reserve tickets for you to see an exclusive show, or tell you where you can get a gourmet meal.

“You don’t have to be that rich, you have to be connected. We have to know who you are. We have the right to say we are fully booked . We look for like-minded people everywhere in the world and give access and serve these people in an environment they understand, explains Samaan.

There are two types of membership. The first is an individual membership with three options. The General Membership offers you a dedicated number to call 24/7 to say something as simple as: “I’m in Paris tonight, what do you suggest I do?

It’s not a call center with a prewritten script; the staff are on the same wavelength and know what’s in. Locally, Samaan is hiring strictly well-educated and cultured employees.

Annual membership costs are £750 (LE 8,000) plus a flat sign-up fee – a set cost for members anywhere in the world.

The second type is the Dedicated Quintessentially Membership (£2,500), which offers a personal account manager with even more personalized services. For example, if a member has a special interest in movies, they will always be informed when Quintessentially gets hold of premier tickets.

“Last year, we had tickets to the actual world premier of Oceans 13 in Cannes and the official after party with five members of the cast, boasts Samaan.

The third individual membership is the Elite. For £24,000 (LE 257,000) a year, you can get a team of assistants to provide you with insider information and expertise anywhere, anytime. As an elite member, you know everything that is happening in Quintessentially first. The membership is by invitation only and is allocated to the top five people in every country.

On the corporate side, Quintessentially has deals with many luxury brands. In the UK, for example, if anyone buys a SG or SK vehicle, they are automatically members of the Jaguar Club which offers Quintessentially memberships to all.

Also, in select lavish buildings in London, Quintessentially offers the concierge service to anyone who buys an apartment.

In Egypt, Samaan has been talking to some high-end corporations, getting excellent responses so far. “One real estate and one locomotive company are very interested.

Samaan is now working on outlining what the best of the best is locally, to offer international members visiting Egypt. He has already made deals with restaurants, hotels, and jewelers like Azza Fahmy and Dima Rachid.

He is also working on special packages for tourists, but are willing to pay for a better experience, such as a private viewing at the Cairo Museum or a personal meeting with Zahi Hawass.

“If they want to see a doctor, we have the names of the best, explains Samaan, “They [members] call Quintessentially before they call the hospital!

Worldwide there are around 19,000 members, with a maximum of 400 individual members and 1,000 corporate members per country. Each member is sent a newsletter with updates, and there is a quarterly magazine published as well as a book of fine wines.

Expect to hear about the glitzy gala launch event in April, which is bound to be the talk of the town.

Quintessentially is first and foremost a club for those who believe that life s too short to waste on second-best.

QuintessentiallyEgypt office: (02) 2528 6450www.quintessentially.com

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