Carte Blanche Communications Wins a Cannes Dove Tribute

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CAIRO: During the advertising festival week in Cannes, ACT Responsible (Advertising Community Together) gathered over 400 advertising campaigns revolving around social and environmental issues in a competition to choose the most effective message.

The best campaigns in each category received a special Cannes Dove Tribute from: Mayor of Cannes Bernard Brochand; Hervé de Clerck, founder and ACT Responsible initiator; Tim Love, vice chairman of Omnicom Group; Jacky Kelly, senior vice president sales strategy, Yahoo!; Hervé Brossard, president of the AACC; Christian Blachas, founder of CB News; Dominic Lyle, director general of EACA; and Michael Illouz, marketing director of Non’Stop Media,

Carte Blanche Communications won the category of Free Postcards for the “Don’t let Peace Disappear design. The ceremony was held on June 22.

Other winners were “Jar for GE by BBDO New York (USA) in film; “Le Gant for Surfrider Foundation by Y&R France for print; and “Music also Cures for the Association Ilusiones by Contrapunto Barcelona for interactive.

The exhibition will travel the globe to other major events in the advertising field. The next destinations are the Advertising Week in New York, the IAA (International Advertising Association) Conference in Romania, the Advertising Week in Paris and the Worldwide Congress of IAA, which will take place in March 2008 in Washington.

All visuals of the campaign are visible on:

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