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Deena Douara
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The thing about spas is that they’re shrouded in myth. They are, supposedly, welcoming tranquil atmospheres where one can find peace from the harrowing bustle of day-to-day stress while the body gets cleansed and relaxed. Right.

The reality about spas is that steam rooms are suffocating, scrubs are irritating, and stripping is humiliating.

This is universal. If you’ve already bought into the spa mythology, however, Morocco Spa and Beauty is a good place to soak in all that you desire in a spa. To be sure, there are more relaxing items on the menu as well, such as Swedish massage, Cleopatra bath, and henna design.

Walking in to the spa is like walking outside of Cairo. A quaint walkway transits between Mohandiseen streets and the luxurious Oriental atmosphere inside. Co-owner Samah Abou El-Allaa says she has a penchant for design, which is apparent from the beautifully decorated interior, both warm and private.

Also warm and private is the steam room. Once your pores are opened, the Moroccan scrub begins, scrubbing away years-worth of dead skin you never imagined you had accumulated. The process cannot be said to be enjoyable but it certainly is rewarding watching the dead skin cells flow down the drain. Afterwards you may be tanless but you’ll definitely walk away softer and refreshed.

The most basic bath treatment, steam room plus scrub, costs around LE 200, while the most elaborate is the Cleopatra bath which includes the basic Morocco bath plus an individualized herbal body treatment, and a soak in a large tub of milks, herbs and orange (LE 300).

Also offered at the spa are massage, hair styling, body masks, facials, pedicures and manicures.

Co-owners El-Allaa and Noura Helmy are Egyptian but their staff are all Moroccan women with experience from home. While they admit that the results are the same for all spas, the difference is in the atmosphere. “In a spa you should feel relaxed and feel at home, says El-Allaa. She feels many spas are far more systematic and less homey.

El-Allaa also says she was shocked to find that many more men were taking up appointments than woman since they opened the spa one year ago.

It is about time men shared in the treats (and pain) of beauty.

Sessions are by appointment only. For more information call 330 51831 or 010 566 5051.8 Yemen Street, off Lebanon St.Mohandiseen

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