COFFEE TALK: Desperately in love

Jumana Shehata
5 Min Read

While some people turn to smoking, drinking, dancing or spirituality to get high on life, I get drunk on the lives of other people when I need to escape my own down side.

So at my favorite coffee shop, at the corner table, you will always find me with my gear out, my ears perked up and ready to listen.

Claire, how did you solve your dog issue?

Laughing, Nick replied, Oh, it s hilarious. We got him a young terrier to keep him company when we travel and hope that she will one day be able to have her puppies. But it’s a disaster.

Why? asked Rasha innocently.

Let me put it this way, Nick said. Imagine a 70-year-old man married to a 9-year-old girl, and all she does all day is run and play, and force him to join her game.

Laughs cut him off temporarily, before he continues, Man I feel for him. He literally faints. So, Claire, at least you can rest assured that I will never run off with a young girl when I am 70.

I ordered a coffee and waited for a more intriguing conversation to come my way.

Two young ladies were talking quietly in the corner, until one suddenly gasped in a way that forced me to turn my head back in a very obvious manner.

Hala, you did what? I ask you casually to come to a crazy party Downtown, and say jokingly, But you may get divorced in the process. And so, in a relaxed manner, you tell me you already did?

Slamming down her coffee cup, she asked, Are you OK? Shaking her head, Mai continues, I mean you seem so indifferent about it. What happened?

With a smile, Hala responded quietly, I am more than fine. He accused me of cheating, and for me, that is it – no turning back. He can do whatever he likes, but the bond of trust has been broken.

But surely he did not mean it, and it was just a fight. You will have to calm down and make up – for the kids at least.

Shaking her head from side to side, Hala calmly replied, No, I don’t go back on my word. Besides, when I refused to respond to his accusation with an answer, he said Khalas, you re divorced.

Smiling, she continued, Did you try their cheesecake?

I decided to take them up on that recommendation and ordered a cheesecake and a strong espresso before my next eavesdropping session started.

Mona, stop crying. You really can t keep doing this to yourself anymore.

A young conservatively dressed lady had tears flowing down her face and erratic sounds were made at intervals – like a band playing out of sequence.

Mona, what more do you want to hear? He told you in front of all your work colleagues that he cares for you very much as a friend and no more. Patting her friend on the shoulder she continued, Enough. He s married, and he loves his wife and kids. He s also your boss. Just make peace with the situation and appreciate him as a person, OK?

Her weeping was turning to lament before she said, Ruby, I love him, and I know that he loves me too. I just feel it, and I won t believe anything else.

But Mona, everyone knows his story with Amira was a big love story. And you have been feeling like this for years, and nothing has changed. Sighing, Ruby continued, Love? You are not young anymore. You are 32. You must start thinking of marriage and there are many out there who would love to be with you.

You just don t get it Ruby, you just don t understand, she screamed and ran to the restroom.

The coffee was comforting but the sun outside was more inviting and so I asked for the bill.

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