WORD ON THE STREET: What is Egypt's role in Iraq?

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The Daily Star Egypt asked citizens about Egypt s role in Iraq. Is the country simply hosting the Iraq conference or is it a regional force to be reckoned with?

Egypt hosting of the conference is a strong message to the world that Iraq is an inseparable part of the Arab region and that the solution to the Iraqi situation must come from within the Arab world and from countries capable of playing a key role like Egypt.

The world gathering in Sharm El Sheikh comes as a response to calls that at one point emerged from within Iraq itself to shun Iraq s Arab identity, and move towards Iran. Egypt, with its human, cultural, and regional resources, as well as the entire Arab fold represents the strategic depth of Iraq.

Mohamed Saeed Fayek, political analyst

Egypt has always stood by Iraq. It is the only country that truly wants to help Iraq. I am very proud of the decision to waive Egyptian debts, and I think it is a significant contribution even when Egypt has its own economic problems.

Hisham Mahmmad, 39, science teacher

The gathering of all these Arab and international leaders here in Egypt is certainly welcomed, and is needed particularly during these hard times for Iraq and to restore the credibility of Arab leaders before the people.

Hisham Abdul Kareem, 27, communications engineer

There have been many conferences hosted by Egypt and other world countries since the Palestinian problem. And now we have Iraq. When is this going to end?

Magdi Ahmed, 68, construction worker

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