Omkara: An Indian adaptation of Othello offers nothing new

Sarah El Sirgany
1 Min Read

CAIRO: If you are in the mood to see how Othello the Moor sounds like in India, then the Bollywood adaptation of Othello may be just what the doctor ordered.

Omkara, an official entrant in the competition section of the Cairo International Film Festival, combines the elements of the Bollywood productions with the Shakespearean plot.

While it is not a typical Bollywood film – it s much shorter in duration at two hours and the plot is less complicated – it has all the elements: the songs, the dances, the drama, the emotionally packed scenes, and the action.

Director and co-script writer Vishal Bhardwaj takes credit for adapting the story to today s India, although the murders featured in the plot were a bit of a stretch, he couldn t add any new dimension to the overused story.

He even titled the film as the lead character: Omkara.

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