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Word on the street tells you where not to go in a taxi

CAIRO: Driving a taxi has got to be one of the most tiring jobs in Cairo. As passengers, if we find out that a taxi driver unwilling to drive us to our destination, we are inclined to pour curses on him. But you have to give them credit and admit that they sometimes do have a point in refusing. The Daily Star Egypt asked taxi drivers where they don’t want to go.

“I can’t go to Al-Mansheya at all. I know if I take this trip I will pay all of what I make in a week on fixing the car. Most of the people in this place work collecting garbage. Also the residents of this area pay too little and if passengers offer me a cigarette, he’ll then pay LE 2. Sayyed, Peugeot 504

“I hate Moustafa Al-Nahhas Street in Nasr City. They made new u-turns in the street that make the traffic there too heavy. A small trip that costs LE 2-3 could take more than 20 minutes. But sometimes even on longer trips we have to pass by this street. Mahmoud Abdullah, Renault Dacia

“6th of October Bridge is my monster. Sometimes it is smooth and I go from Heliopolis to Mohandiseen in 15 minutes, but other times it is as crowded as hell. The problem of the bridge is that crossing it is similar to a gambling game. When you expect it not to be too crowded you might get stuck there for an hour, but sometimes it is okay in rush hour. Morsi, very old Fiat

“I don’t say no to any passenger. It is my job and I earn my living from it and if I say no to anybody this means that I am saying no to a grace God sends me. Hajj Mansour, Sahin

“Driving downtown is unbelievable especially in the rush hour between 2:00 to 5:00 pm. It is so crowded and usually I don’t find good customers there. But sometimes I have to pass by downtown and I pray to God to get me out of there quickly. Mortada, Sahin

“I never go to Zamalek on the first week of school. There are many school buses and also parents who are taking their children in their cars. This makes a huge traffic problem in the streets and getting to Zamalek or getting out of it is too hard to even try. Mohsen, Hyundai Atos

“There is a place in the end of Nasr City called Tabba, I have been there twice and I was not afraid of the place; I was thrilled. People there are strange. You feel like you are in a thriller movie. I won’t, however, go there again, at least for the time being. Adel, Lada

“Most of the streets of Cairo are bad and ruin our cars so the problem is always with the crowds. Many places are better to avoid in the daytime while others are nighttime hell. For instance, Imbaba is a place to avoid day and night; stay away from downtown during the daytime; Ain Shams also should be avoided at night if you want to get home safely without a stab wound. Shokry, Peugeot 504

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