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Surprisingly conservative Cairo is full of opportunities to meet your soul mate

CAIRO: While Cairo may not be the Paris of the Middle East, fashionable Beirut seems to have won that title, it is a city obsessed with love. Lately it seems a large number of single Cairenes are complaining about where to meet that special someone. If finding your soul mate proves to be difficult and frustrating, then it’s definitely time to change your approach.

Forget all the rules and superficial excuses – like he’s too bald, too short, too tall, too hairy, or not hairy enough. If you’re open, focused, prepared, patient and willing to take action, you’ll meet your significant other – and sooner then you think.

Here are just a few tips on getting closer to the happily ever after story. Not only will these tips help you get closer to your potential match, they’ll also add some great excitement and variety to your life.

Charity at home

Not only is it an important duty in all the world’s great religions, but charity is a wonderful way to meet Mr. or Miss Right. Go join the Rotary Club in Egypt, or another professional charitable organization. Not only will you feel great contributing to your community, but it is a great way to meet new people (especially that special someone). After all, charity does start at home.

Icebreaker: Take advantage of the professional atmosphere by striking up a conversation with the person that catches your attention. Talk about why you are passionate about this charitable organization, or ask them why they joined. Be confident and realize that your love interest, due to her/his charitable mood, won’t be on such high guard.

Getting physical

Take Olivia Newton John’s advice and let’s get physical. Grab a friend and take a salsa dance class. If you’re concerned about propriety, then opt for something a little less scandalous, like joining a gym. Many single professionals are working out their way to love as well. Take advantage of your gym’s small-sized classes; your chance of bumping into that certain someone is much higher. Plus, while on the hunt, you get the additional perk of an awesome body.

Icebreaker: Under these circumstances, you are better off taking a slow approach. Start with a question about exercise or dance technique. Better yet, ask about where you can buy a water bottle, or get a towel. Sometimes, all people need is a little encouragement. Have patience and do not ask for a phone number until a friendly relationship has been established (which may take quite a few encounters). Most people are more cautious about meeting people in these situations.

The key to success Want to know why our parents were so keen on our education? There is no better way to meet people with your same interests and passions. So go ahead and learn that foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn, take up photography, or go back and pursue a higher degree. You may end up learning how to love.

Icebreaker: What an easy way to meet someone! There are many obvious and creative ways to approach your love interest. As each class goes by, attempt to sit a little closer. Ask for notes. Ask for help. Ask for a phone number: just in case you miss a class, of course. The possibilities are limitless.

The mixer of all mixersWedding bells anyone? Okay, so you’ve promised yourself, “No more weddings ever again . I mean it this time. But the Egyptian wedding is the ultimate social mixer. First, weddings invoke feelings of eternal love and romance. Second, where else can you find so many single men and women under the same roof at the same time? So whenever the opportunity arises, put on your dancing shoes and never turn down a wedding. Plus, why say no to a free meal?

Icebreaker: Weddings are a bit tricky, since families tend to be in the picture. For those who prefer to avoid meeting their future love through family (sometimes family arrangements can be a total turn-off), take the “Friends route and it wasn’t a successful TV series for nothing. Mutual friends are the best way to meet anyone since the pressure is minimal and you don’t have constant (family) eyes on your relationship.

Tried everything? Well if all else fails, do what I did: move to another country. A bit extreme but, hey, it worked for me.

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