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Yasmine Saleh
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North Coast and Red Sea resorts this year s top Eid vacation destinations

CAIRO: The short Eid vacation has led many to opt for local holiday destinations, with Porto Marina in the North Coast and El-Gouna on the Red Sea proving to be the top favorites.

Local destinations are not just attracting Egyptian travelers; this Eid will see many Arab tourists in the country, says Rania Samy, the public relations manager at IntoEgypt, an Internet-based travel agency. It seems the shortness of the vacation hasn’t had much effect on the preferences of Arab travelers.

Porto Marina, the first project of its kind to transform the North Coast from a seasonal destination into a yearlong attraction, will likely see much business next week.

Located at the Marina Al-Alamin resort, it hosts a hotel and a large number of restaurants and retail stores catering to all needs and makes for a welcoming spot for families. Sailing and other water sports are also available.If you are looking for a quiet vacation, however, forget about Porto Marina, it is usually buzzing with activity especially at night.

For a relaxing time off, consider El-Gouna, also topping the list of favorite destinations. Described as the romantic haven of the Red Sea, El-Gouna houses a unique selection of hotels, beaches, restaurants and pubs.In addition to its extraordinary natural scenery and tranquility, the resort caters to all a traveler needs – banking outlets, travel agency offices, and shuttle buses and its own airport, located near the nearby Hurgada International Airport also services it.

As always, Sharm El-Sheikh remains among the hottest spots for every short or long vacation in Egypt and this Eid is no different.

“The Red Sea Riviera, as it is called in most travel websites, enjoys amazingly warm beaches and is the most popular in Sinai due to its excellent climate in both summer and winter.

The Naama Bay area is the top destination in Sharm El-Sheikh as it offers a distinctive collection of hotels ranging from two to five stars. The bay area also features coffee shops, pubs and restaurants.

Sharm El-Sheikh regulars always say there is something about this city indescribable in words, something truly unique that you feel once you walk through the famous main drag of Naama Bay or visit the old souk area where traditional scarves and silver are neatly displayed in shops.

Those seeking a unique vacation experience might consider Basata on the road between Nuweiba and Taba. As the name suggests – Basata means simplicity in Arabic – the place isn t that sophisticated, in fact, it’s primarily a camping site. Its relative closeness to other Sinai destinations makes it perfect for adventure seekers. Basata visitors can make a trip to St. Catherine or go on a safari to enjoy a Bedouin dinner in the mountains or by the seashore.

With a bit of effort you might still be able to get a reservation on short notice. If you can t find accommodations through travel agents, try contacting hotels directly or vice versa. But if all else fails or if you don t have the time to travel, you can still enjoy your Eid. Take your family and friends on a luxurious Nile cruise or a less expensive traditional felucca.

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