New customs facilities to Egyptian expatriates from Lebanon

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CAIRO: Minister of Finance Yousef Botrus Ghali has ordered the country’s customs clearance venues to provide greater facilities for Egyptians returning from Lebanon as a result of the Israeli offensive in the country

The facilities include temporary admission for Egyptian cars for one month, renewable to a similar period upon approval from the Customs Authority without taxation or fines for the two months delay.

“Owners of the vehicle will have to sign a pledge that they will re-export the vehicles or pay the duties after the grace period, the minister said.

Galal Abul Fetouh, chairman of the Customs Authority, said similar instructions had been applied during the Iraqi conquest of Kuwait in the early 1990s. “The Egyptian Customs Authority had then agreed with the Gulf Automotive Club to issue temporary permissions for vehicles, he said.

Under this arrangement the government admitted more than 16,000 vehicles owned by Egyptian expatriates from Iraq and Kuwait.

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