Flamenca, a marriage between flamenco and oriental music

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Local band produce unique music spontaneously, appealing to wide audience

CAIRO: Flamenca’s performance at Al El-Sawy Cultural Center steamed evoked the audience’s senses to wild applauses and loud cheers from an enthusiastic audience. The three-year old band mixes between Spanish and oriental instruments to introduce a unique and novel style of their own.

The crowded audience gathered included both foreigners and Egyptian of all ages, which manifestsproving that good music, does not need translation to be find listener appreciationfor listeners to appreciate ited by the listeners’ hearts.

Wael Khedr, founder of Flamenca band and guitar soloist, commenced started on the his road to music by playing classical guitar in the year 1111th grade, and then he switched to fFlamenco during his university years.

For Khedr, his deep influence with the Spanish “Andalusia culture’s deep influence on him started with his studying of Islamic art and architecture at university, “I discovered the historical link between the Arab and Spanish cultures, which is evident in music, said Khedr. “Aas a flamenco singer melancholy melancholically sings ‘ya leili ya ein.’ They value our oriental music,. Khedr added.

“We linked between two globes and we found a nice interaction and appreciation from the audience, Khedr added.

The band, who are began originally as a group of friends, surprisingly do not rehearse their ‘spontaneous ‘ music, especially that since each member is an expert with his musical tool. “It’s more about thought than practice, we don’t rehearse, but we exchange our thoughts almost everyday, said Khedr.

Lead singer, Ahmed Ezz, an Egyptian with Moroccan origins, sings in the most unorthodox way. Ezz sings only ‘Tawashih Dinyia’ , Islamic folklorice songs, that which date goes back to hundreds of years ago. Ezz voice comes out as effortlessly as he breathes; his smoke-like voice gives the band an oriental touch.

“I sing spontaneously and I believe one should sing freely without studying music because education can limit free talents, said Ezz.

The band’s name “Flamenca is the feminine name of for flamenco music as in the Spanish words “musica flamena or “flamenca music. “We linked between two globes and we found a nice interaction and appreciation from the audience, said Khedr.

Khedr described the band’s philosophy as “anti-clip as he despisesd the abuses of music that happens to music these days. “Our band initiated playing high standard music to open the youth’s eyes to what’s good and what’s bad, said Khedr.

The band’s plans is to record an album along with introducing their music to the a global audience outside Egypt.

Brenda Cruise, an administrativeon assistant, said she knew first heard Flamenca from at Al El-Sawy. Cruise described Khedr as a very good composer and musician. “The band is becoming very popular, said Cruise.

“I first got attracted to the band’s name, said Tariq Fanos, an engineer, “the band’s success comes in their harmony, their music reaches everyone, especially those who have a musical background, said Fanos.

For information about the band and their future concerts visit: www.flamencacairo.com

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