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Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah

Five reasons why Hillary lost and Trump won

First reason: the electoral college The United States presidential election is an indirect election. Citizens of the US cast ballots for members of the electoral college, known as electors. These electors then in turn cast direct votes, known as electoral votes. Each of the states casts as many electoral votes as the total number of its representatives in Congress. This means that …

Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah

Dr. Cesar Chelala

US abstention on Israeli settlement resolution too little, too late

The United States’ abstention from voting on the UN security council’s anti-settlement resolution is a serious blow to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy of annexation in the West Bank. The bureau of Israel’s prime minister said that “Israel rejects the contemptible, anti-Israel UN resolution and will not subordinate itself to it.” The decision to abstain from voting is the …

Cesar Chelala

Donald Trump

President-elect Trump deserves a chance

Free and fair elections are one of democracy’s main pillars as is the smooth and peaceful transfer of power. America has chosen and, whether one approves of that choice or not, it should be accepted and respected both at home and abroad. It is no secret that I wrote an op-ed in August 2015 backing …

Khalaf Al Habtoor


My message to Obama’s successor

  I am currently travelling around the United States (US) after spending a very enlightening few days in Washington DC where I was privileged to address delegates attending the 25th Annual Arab-US Policymakers Conference for the second year running. This year, the event was titled “The next US presidency and US-Arab relations, probabilities, possibilities, potential …

Khalaf Al Habtoor

trump, cilnton

I am one of your ‘bad hombres’, señor Trump

During the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump said: “we have some bad hombres here”. This was said in clear reference to the Latinos coming to the United States (US). As CNN commentator Van Jones explained: “The only time this man has used Spanish in the entire election was used to stereotype …

Cesar Chelala

Winning this world cup is important because it helps to increase the team's international ranking", says Jean-Paul Tony Helissey.

France, US win gold at the 2016 FIE Senior World Cup for men’s foil

The 2016 FIE Senior World Cup for men’s foil concluded its events on 23 October at the Saladin Citadel in Cairo. The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports participated in financing the fencing tournament’s costs with EGP 250,000. The ministry is supporting several international sports events to motivate tourism to Egypt. Aiding in this effort, …

Maydaa El-Nadar

EFG Hermes

EFG Hermes to expand in US with New York office

The Egyptian Financial Group (EFG) Hermes, a financial service corporation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is currently obtaining approvals from regulatory authorities to open its new office in New York in the United States in order to offer services to its clients there, according to a report released by the group …

Reem Hosam El-din

Photo_Ashraf El-Khatib

Can Trump fix corporate tax loopholes that make him richer?

  Donald Trump believes that he is smart for paying no taxes, given that his business has been compliant with the tax codes. Recently, the debate about how to manage corporate tax loopholes has been on the rise, and many companies, such as Apple, came under fire. But the responsibility of addressing any backdoors in …

Ashraf El Khatib