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James M Dorsey

The Middle East: Who says the popular quest for change has been quelled?

A series of recent mass protests in several Arab countries have called into question suggestions that civil wars, brutal crackdowns and military coups and interventions have quelled popular willingness to stand up for rights in the Middle East. The protests, although focussed on specific social and economic demands, fundamentally have the same objectives as popular …


Tapping refugees to combat Germany’s labour shortage

The thousands of refugees pouring into Germany every day could offer Europe’s largest economy an opportune solution to plug the ‘gray gap’ in its aging workforce. But integrating the new arrivals could be costly

William Lambers

Syria can only be saved at the peace table

Syrian refugees are so anxious for the brutal civil war to end, one exclaimed: “If God let the war end tomorrow, we would walk barefoot back home.” Nikki Gamer, of Catholic Relief Services, just met Syrians displaced in Lebanon and Jordan. She says: “They want the violence to stop. And they want to return to …

Emad El-Din Aysha

The industrialisation of reconciliation: Iran, Saudi Arabia and IS

I came across a curious news item the other day on Reuters about an industrial development project in Saudi Arabia, and it rang a few bells. The plan is to build a “new industrial city in the south of the al-Ahsa district in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province”, a project helmed by the state-owned oil company …


Another temple in Syria’s Palmyra severely damaged

Activists say the self-styled “Islamic State” has damaged another temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is being systematically razed following occupation by the Islamist militants


Turkey launches first coalition airstrikes against IS

Turkish fighter jets have hit “Islamic State” targets in Syria – for the first time as part of the US-led coalition. Turkey took on a more active role in the fight against IS in July, ending months of indecisiveness

refugee Syria

‘I could no longer live in Syria’

Syrian refugee Alaa Houd left his job and family and hired people smugglers to make his way to the wealthy countries of Western Europe. Hiring people smugglers was his only way of leaving war-torn Syria. DW reporter Diana Hodali spoke with Syrian Alaa Houd and recounted his story for him.

Turkey ready for anti-IS strikes: Pentagon

Turkish officials have said they are now ready to fully participate in US-led coalition strikes against the “Islamic State” group. The Pentagon said joint strikes may begin within day

The “Islamic State” in Iraq (IS) published a new video on Tuesday showing the graphic killing of 16 people in the Iraqi province of Nineveh.


IS no. 2 killed in US airstrike: White House

The senior deputy to the leader of ‘Islamic State’ has died in Iraq. Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali was in charge of logistics for the terrorists, and the White House said his death thus constituted a serious blow to IS


How the IS is waging war on Syrian culture

When the terrorist organisation “Islamic State” (IS) took over Syria’s ancient desert city of Palmyra in May, they were hoping to open a lucrative business. Many of the valuable artefacts in the city, they reckoned, would make their way into the international art market and become a sizeable source of income

William Lambers

International cooperation needed to feed hungry Syrians

As Syrian refugees face increasing hunger, we can find inspiration from Egypt’s own history to meet this humanitarian emergency. It was April 1946, when the former United States president Herbert Hoover came to Cairo on an urgent mission. Famine threatened the globe. President Harry Truman dispatched Hoover as a food ambassador.  His goal was to find food supplies that could …

Ruby Amatulla

Why Iraq failed and IS emerged: A way out

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader and the self-proclaimed caliph of the “Islamic State” (IS), was created in the Iraqi prison-like Camp Bucca under the American occupation. The deep humiliation felt by him and the rest of the 18% Sunni population of Iraq, after the exhaustive de-Baathifiction process, disbanding of the 300,000-strong Saddam’s Sunni army, and imprisoning many Sunni leaders, the occupying power flared up hatred and revenge among the group that …


Islamic State ‘beheads’ archaeologist in Palmyra

The extremists have already destroyed famed archaeological sites in Iraq, and there were concerns they would demolish Palmyra’s 2,000-year-old Roman-era city at the town’s edge, one of the region’s most spectacular archaeological sites


Syrian refugees are here to stay

According to data released by the Turkish Interior Ministry, 1,905,984 Syrians are registered in 82 cities. The number of Syrians living in 25 camps set up in 10 cities is 262,134. These statistics clearly show that nearly 1.7 million Syrians are trying to survive outside the camps on their own.