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Russian President Vladimir Putin (AFP File Photo)

Putin’s new war, old foes

As Russia embarks on an anti-“Islamic State” bombing campaign in Syria, President Vladimir Putin seems to be reverting to tried and true tactics. Fiona Clark reports from Moscow

Angela Merkel

Merkel skeptical of Turkey’s ‘safe zone’ proposal

German Chancellor Merkel has said that Turkey’s proposal for a “safe zone” in northern Syria may risk the lives of refugees housed there. Her statement comes as Germany struggles to cope with the migrant influx.

Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor

Arab League’s inaction is shameful

Everyone is talking about the refugee crisis overwhelming Europe; everyone apart from the League of Arab States that is. To date it has had little to say on the topic and, as far as I can tell, has no plan to help alleviate the problem. Why have there not been any emergency summits announced? Where …

James M Dorsey

Middle Eastern conflicts spill onto Spanish football pitch

Inevitably, the mass exodus of refugees from conflict areas was going to provoke the spilling into Europe of multiple disputes in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Spanish football is the first to feel the weight of the baggage that has turned vast numbers into destitute refugees. Kurdish rebels have accused a Syrian coach …

Duke Omara

A Russian sense of urgency is needed in Syria

By Duke Omara It is becoming increasingly clear that the civil war in Syria is now at a stalemate, as no one side seems to have been able to strike a decisive blow against its adversaries. The regime of Bashar Al-Assad appears to have exhausted most of the military advantages that come with being a …


Canadians call on government to bring in more Syrian refugees

Canadian mayors, provincial premiers and federal opposition parties, as well as numerous faith groups and even a retired military general have all jumped head-first into the refugee crisis, with many calling for Canada to increase the numbers it takes in of people displaced by Syria’s four-and-a-half-year-old war