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The new initiative aims to bring together a large variety of local businesses
(Photo from Bazaarful Facebook Page)

Bazaarful creates online souq

New online initiative wants to encourage Egyptian entrepreneurship and become a base for a successful future for Egyptian industry

The Kaaba
(Photo by: Abdel-Rahman Sherief)

The spiritual journey to Mecca

Every year millions of Muslims go on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to visit the cities of Mecca and Medina. The visit to the holy places that lay at the centre of the Muslim faith is a highlight in their spiritual life.

A small street in busy Darb Al-Barabra
Abdel-Rahman Sherief

The treasures of Darb Al-Barabra

The name in Arabic means the Berbers’ Area and from the 19th century on the area was inhabited by Algerians, Moroccans and Africans who are all called Barabra by Egyptians

One of the domes in the City of the Dead
Abdel-Rahman Sherief

The city of the dead

The city of the dead was historically known as the city of domes due to the high number of domes and mosques

Screenshot of Super Morsi
Courtsey of World Trollers Facebook page

SuperMorsi goes viral

The 30 second video clip features Mohamed Morsi as the classic game hero Super Mario

Siwan treasures on display Abdel-Rahman Sherief

Siwa Boutique

Siwa store in Zamalek features many different types of handmade garments and accessories made by inhabitants of Siwa

The results of the work of Nebny
Courtesy of Nebny Facebook page

Changing homes changes lives

Nebny aims to use the sense of enthusiasm and patriotism that was an integral part of the 25 January uprising and turn it into tangible acts of development and growth

The remaining Sesostris I obelisk

The ancient city of On

On, known today as Heliopolis or Ain-Shams, was considered the first Egyptian capital during the predynastic period

Agha Koklyan’s water source Abdel-Rahman Sherief

Old Cairo’s arms market

Many historical monuments have been suffering from negligence and disregard, and the old weaponry market is a prime example of this

ADEF encourages expression through modern means

ADEF prepares youth for the digital age

The foundation has organised several training courses for youth in art, cinema, design, web design, and media technology. The courses are given by media veterans and professionals to make the participants more capable of expressing their thoughts, culture, and insights using open source software programmes.