Al-Sisi proved to be US friend for pulling resolution condemning Israeli settlements: Congressman

Daily News Egypt
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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said on Monday that Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi proved to be a good friend to the United States (US) after he pulled Egypt’s draft resolution condemning the illegality of Israeli settlements within Palestinian lands based on a request from the US.

In an interview with Breitbart news outlet, Rohrabacher said that Al-Sisi backtracked from filing the resolution in the United Nations (UN) security council when president-elect Donald Trump requested from Al-Sisi, describing Al-Sisi as a “defender of all the good things we believe in”.

Rohrabacher went on to say that Al-Sisi is essential for the US national security, and said that Egypt’s president will combat “Islamic Terrorism” better than fighter jets and better than having a new full division in the US army.

The republican congressman also said that Al-Sisi’s working with Trump to protect Israel is a good sign that Egypt as well wants peace. He also embraced Al-Sisi for defeating the Muslim Brotherhood and for his good terms with Israel which will achieve peace and stability in the Middle East.

Egypt backpedalled from filing a draft resolution in the UN security council that condemned the illegality of Israeli settlements within Palestine, it was criticised after it was revealed that Egypt didn’t file the resolution based on a request from Trump and pressure from Israel. However, Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that it didn’t proceed with a voting session because it wasn’t sure whether the US will veto the resolution or not.


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