Clashes in Alexandria leave minor killed

Jihad Abaza
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A small protest in Talaat Harb Square in Downtown Cairo was dispersed with tear gas (Photo by Emir Nader)

Clashes between protesters and security forces in Alexandria on Friday left one 17-year-old girl killed and at least two others injured, the Ministry of Health said.

Students Against the Coup (SAC), a student initiative that opposes Egypt’s current regime, stated that security forces killed the girl, Sondos Abu Bakr, as they were dispersing the protest.

While state-media reported on the girl’s death, it did not clarify what killed her.

Meanwhile, SAC also reported that security forces dispersed a protest in Giza’s Faisal neighbourhood on Friday.

The group stated it would hold protests in several areas around the country, including Cairo, Suez, and Mansoura in preparation for the fourth anniversary on the 25 January Revolution.

On Thursday, Ahrar, a rebellious youth movement, also held a protest in preparation for the fourth anniversary of the revolution. “This was only a short message and the beginning for what is to come next,” the group wrote after the protest.

Earlier this month, security forces killed two students on separate occasions in protests outside Cairo.

The Ministry of Interior announced it would be commemorating Police Day on 25 January.

Four years ago on 25 January, protesters took to the streets in opposition to police brutality before they demanded the fall of the regime. Former President Hosni Mubarak stepped down 18 days afterwards.

Over the past year, a number of international and local human rights organisations criticised the current state of human rights in Egypt as state security forces have killed and detained hundreds of citizens.

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