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Student death will not go unanswered: Ain Shams students

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Protest held in response to death of student Belal Gaber; Interior Ministry denies knowledge of death

Supporters of Egyptian ousted president Mohamed Morsi carry an injured comrade in Nasr City district on Friday (AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED ABDELMENIEM)

Supporters of Egyptian ousted president Mohamed Morsi carry an injured comrade in Nasr City district on Friday

Ain Shams students held a demonstration Saturday in protest of the killing of first year engineering student Belal Gaber during Friday’s protests.

Belal Gaber was allegedly shot by security forces during a Pro-Morsi Nasr City protest on Friday, but the Ministry of Interior has denied any knowledge of the student’s death.

A strike was announced for Saturday and Sunday by the students of the university.

The university’s School of Engineering Student Union released a statement condemning the death.”The student was no different than any of us but he insisted on expressing his opinion freely,” the statement read. ”Today we curse the system, a system partaking in killing its youth in cold blood is doomed”

The student union also announced the schedule for Saturday’s event saying that “a vigil will be held at 10am until noon prayers, afterwards moving from the college in scattered groups to the high court, where we will meet up with other movements and associations in a stand to denounce violent dealing with students, while also demanding the release of all detained students.”

Social media outlets shared alleged pictures and videos of Gaber after being shot in the chest in Nasr City. Annexed pictures of a police officer who allegedly partook in the killing of the student were also attached as well as his address.

The Ministry of Health denied that any deaths occurred in Cairo, saying only one person had died in Fa’ous, Sharqeya after the Friday protests, with seven injured nationwide.

“Belal Gaber’s body was not taken from the protests, it was being kept in an apartment in Nasr City,” said Ministry of Health spokesman Mohamed Fathallah. “The reason behind his death has yet to be identified and we are waiting on the prosecutor’s office report.”

“We did not count him as part of the killed because we have no proof of him being in the protests,” added Fathallah.

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