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6 April Democratic front march for detainees

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Group calls for release of two men accused of being part of the Black Bloc

The 6 April Democratic Front have held a protest outside the New Cairo Court in the Fifth Settlement, where activists are facing trial on 30 April 2013. (Photo by Ahmed Al Malky)

The 6 April Democratic Front protests in support of political activists on 30 April 2013.
(Photo by Ahmed Al Malky)

Members of the 6 April Democratic Front will march to the Giza security directorate on Friday to demand the release of two men associated with the group.

The front is calling for the release of Abdelrahman Mohsen and Joseph El-Ostura, both of whom were arrested in early morning police raids on their homes in April. Mohsen is a member of the group while El-Ostura has close ties but is not a member, reported 6 April spokesperson Mohamed Youssef.

On the day of their arrest, Mohsen was the only member of the group arrested. The group claimed that he had been arrested without charge, but it transpired that he was facing charges of being a member of the Black Bloc.

“These men are being accused of being Black Bloc because they wear black t-shirts,” said Youssef. He pointed out that the shirts worn by all members of the front are black, and that other 6 April groups like the Youth Movement, headed by Ahmed Maher, also wear black.

Youssef said: “The demonstration on Friday is for all those who are detained in the prisons of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

On 30 April the front demonstrated outside the New Cairo Court in the Fifth Settlement in solidarity with detained political activists.

Earlier in April, members of the front cycled around central Cairo in order to raise awareness of their cause.

The march will commence following the end of Friday prayers.

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