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FJP office in Mahalla set on fire

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Demonstrators surround local council building

Mahalla. AFP/File Photo

Protest in Mahalla (AFP/File Photo)

Demonstrators set on fire the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters in Mahalla on Friday.


Mahmoud Haroon, an activist in Mahalla, confirmed reports of the fire and spoke of minor clashes between the police and demonstrators.


Haroon added that a group of demonstrators attempted to break in to the local government building. After they failed to gain entry, they surrounded the building at threw rocks at it.


Earlier in the day FJP spokesperson Mamdouh El Mounir released a statement condemning “attempts by some political forces in Mahalla to incite violence and destruction of public property.”


In the statement El Mounir confirmed that the party had given the names of six men to the governor, the directorate of security and the public prosecution.


El Mounir also asserted “the Muslim Brotherhood and the party will not be dragged to any provocations.” He emphasised, “The Brotherhood and the party are quite busy serving the community.”

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