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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

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The revolution anniversary protests reflected deep anger and dissatisfaction with the current government.


A woman holds a picture of the Virgin Mary and a Koran in one hand, and a blood drenched flag in the other in front of presidential palace.
Courtesy of Bishoy Beshara

Egyptians took to the streets once again on Friday, on the second anniversary of the 25 Revolution. Being especially appropriate that the anniversary comes on a Friday, when most mass protests are planned, the large turnout reflected deep anger and dissatisfaction with the current government.

Besides the landmark Tahrir square in Cairo, other cities and squares across the country filled up with demonstrators. Protestors in Suez, Alexandria, Ismailia and Port Said experienced violent clashes. Anger over what many are calling lack of change and little to no transitional justice prompted comparisons to Mubarak’s Egypt.

The picture shows a woman holding a Quran and a picture of the Virgin Mary in one hand, and an Egyptian flag drenched in blood in the other, kept from the 18 day uprising that ousted Mubarak. Two years later, the flag returns with its owner in front of the presidential palace to protest another leader and the seemingly endless bloodshed of Egyptians.

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