Islamists protest against media incitement

Sara Abou Bakr
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Hazem Abu Ismail. AFP/ Photo
Hazem Abu Ismail. AFP/ File Photo

Supporters of former presidential candidate, Hazem SalahAbu Ismael and few other Salafi movements are currently protesting at the Media Production City in the 6th of October district.

“Many parties have postponed their participation so as not to cause more tension in the country”  said Ahmed Mawlana spokesman of Al-Shaab party.

Sixteen Islamist parties and groups have called for a million-man march Thursday night.

“Due to the escalation of events to abort the Egyptian revolution and given the suspicious role of some media channels that call for bloodshed… we call on people to join the Media Production million man march” the groups said in a joint statement.

They added that the march is intended to stop the “suspicious incitement” role that they say TV channels play.

The statement accused television channels of aiming to abort the legitimacy of the revolution and inciting people against state institutions.

“I highly support the march and there is no excuse for anyone not join it from all the governorates,” Abou Ismael posted on his official Facebook page.

Abou Ismael wrote several posts on his page supporting the march and encouraging people to join, “I don’t think people will return to their homes until the matter is resolved” he wrote.

Al-Shaab Party, the Salafi Front, Building and Development, the Civilization party, the Reform party and many others are signatories to the statement.

The march was originally scheduled to be at gate four of Media Production City after Friday prayers, but was postponed to 3 pm.

Police forces surrounded the Media Production City on Friday morning to secure it and prevent any break-in attempts. Security officials advised officers and personnel to exercise utmost restrain and avoid contact with protesters unless absolutely necessary.





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