Egypt denies alleged breach of its airspace by Israeli military aircraft

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Egypt on Saturday denied reports alleging Israeli aircraft breached its airspace, according to an unnamed Egyptian security source.

   Egypt categorically denied media reports that Israeli military aircraft penetrated Egyptian airspace, the security source was quoted as saying by Egypt’s Al-Qahera News TV.

   The source described these reports as false and baseless.

An investigation conducted by the “Arabic Post” news website, claimed that an Israeli military aircraft entered the Egyptian territory about 100 times since the start of the war on Gaza on Oct 7, 2023, until Feb. 23, 2024.

   During one of its flights, this aircraft entered a depth of 172 kilometres inside Egypt from the side of the border with Gaza, claimed the Arabic Post.

   Egypt, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, has for years been a key regional peacemaker in the decades-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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