Sudanese leader Al-Burhan denounces RSF commander’s letter to UN

Sami Hegazi
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The head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, criticized the letter sent by the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to the UN General Assembly in New York, in which he threatened to form a separate government.

Al-Burhan said on Saturday that the RSF commander’s letter was a media stunt, and accused the RSF of fighting and killing citizens in El Geneina and Khartoum and looting their property. He said that the war had affected the entire Sudanese people and caused devastation and destruction everywhere.

Al-Burhan urged the international community to label the RSF as a “terrorist organization” and to help the Sudanese government in stopping the crimes committed against the Sudanese people.

He also said that the Sudanese Sovereignty Council had pledged and committed to hand over power to civilians through a purely civilian government that would oversee the conduct of elections. He added that the holding of elections depended on the end of the war and the security situation in the country.

Al-Burhan stressed that there were no more so-called “Rapid Support forces” in Sudan, but rather a rebel force that was fighting the state and committing war crimes.

Al-Burhan also said that diplomatic channels were still working in communication with the United States, and expressed his hope that the US sanctions would target the RSF and all those who belong to them.

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