Egyptian musicians Amir Hedayah and Abayazied go on a journey with new ‘Al-Safar’ collaboration

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Award-winning Egyptian Musician Amir Hedayah is taking listeners on a journey with his new single ‘Al-Safar’ (‘Travel’) alongside fast-rising singer Abayazied.

Like a lot of music being released at the moment, the song was written during the pandemic, however, there’s real hope, optimism, and light to Al-Safar, as it is essentially an ode to travelling.

“Emotionally, this track is created to take you through a journey from reality to your favourite destination,” says Hedayah.

“It’s only when we miss something that we truly appreciate it.”

The summery and melodic track is brought to life thanks to the hypnotic road-trip style lyric-video alongside the spectacular vocal work of Abayazied, an Egyptian singer with a growing reputation.

“The song was written, composed, and produced with the initial intention that I was going to sing it myself,” said Hedayah. However, he soon realised his vocals were not quite the right fit.

A timely suggestion from Hedayah’s assistant led him to collaborate with Abayazied and the rest is history.

“Abayazied has a very special gift, and he’s a very collaborative artist. He has a unique character as an artist and a beautiful, distinguished voice,” Hedayah said.

Musically, Al-Safar takes listeners on a journey through world music, featuring tribal drums, western pop dynamics, and classical Arabic touches.

Previously, Hedayah won a prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Award thanks to his work on the hit show ‘Dofaat Beirut’ and was nominated for two further awards.

Off the back of his win, Hedayah worked alongside the Recording Academy — AKA the Grammys — to create a new award category shedding light on more diverse world-music artists who he believes deserve wider international recognition.

It is worth noting that Abayazied’s first move in his music career was joining ‘The King’ Mohamed Mounir’s band as a backing vocalist. This chance presented him with the opportunity to learn everything he needed first-hand as he was part of a talented, experienced, and knowledgeable group of musicians.

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