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Islamists condemn attempts to ‘overthrow legitimacy’

Al-Wasat says it supports the president’s legitimacy, but has issues with some of the president’s policies

Mohamed El-Beltagy, one of the top nominees to become the new president of the Freedom and Justice Party Hassan Ibrahim / DNE
Mohamed Al-Beltagy said: “We’re ready to give our lives for the country and the people.”
(Photo by Hassan Ibrahim / DNE)

By Nourhan Dakroury

The National Coalition to Preserve Legitimacy condemned anti-Morsi protesters’ attempts to “overthrow legitimacy and the people’s will” in a statement issued Tuesday morning.

The alliance, a coalition of Islamist groups supporting President Mohamed Morsi, stressed in its statement the need to “respect the will of the people and the elected constitutional legitimacy.” It also emphasised the need for Egyptians to “stay united” and hold reconciliation talks “for the greater good of the country.”

The statement said that it “refuses the use of the armed forces to overthrow the president’s legitimacy or to side with one group against the other,” adding that the military is “part of the people and serves all people.”

The statement endorsed peaceful protests and condemned “the violence that was used by the opposition”, adding: “Egyptian blood is a red line.”

The alliance assured its respect for any political initiative to discuss the current events, under the condition that it “respects legitimacy and constitutional principles.”

The statement concluded that the “Egyptian revolution will continue until its goals are achieved and will not allow the former [President Hosni Mubarak’s] regime to return [to power].”

Moderate Islamist Al-Wasat Party also issued a statement on Monday, reiterating their support for the president’s legitimacy, which was achieved by what they described as “free presidential elections.”

The statement added that they have had issues with some of the president’s policies, “especially his insistence on keeping a cabinet which does not meet people’s aspirations.”

It also stressed on the need for the military to not interfere in the political arena and to “issue solutions through direct discussions with political powers in a democratic manner.”

Mohamed Al-Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party executive bureau and senior Muslim Brotherhood member, said in a pro-Morsi rally at Rabaa Al-Adaweya mosque on Monday night that all those supporting Morsi “should go out onto all squares and streets of Egypt.”

Al-Beltagy added: “We’re ready to give our lives for the country and the people.”

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