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Our priority is to empower women: UN Women regional director Naciri

Mohamed Naciri, regional director of UN Women—Arab states/North Africa, said that one of the UN’s priorities and roles is to support member states, civil society, and women and girls, specifically to empower women, including the pursuit of a world in which women and girls live without violence. This came during the ceremony that was organised …

Nehal Samir

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Aman initiative aims to start a national anti-harassment movement

With every news report, the number of incidents of sexual harassment in Egypt rapidly increases. Despite the continuous efforts of effective initiatives and official actions, the numbers have increased notably over the past decade, putting Egypt at the forefront of discrimination against women. Mosawah organisation for training and counselling recently announced the launch of its …

Daily News Egypt

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Moving forward to end violence against women

By Lakshmi Puri Last year, as rebels captured the main towns in Northern Mali, UN Women registered a sudden and dramatic increase of rapes in the first week of the takeover of Gao and Kidal, places where most women never report this kind of violence to anyone, not even health practitioners. We heard stories of …

Daily News Egypt

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