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Rohingya plight feeds Muslim assertiveness

The plight of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya minority is becoming the Muslim world’s…

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Dar Al-Ifta warns against possible prosecution against Sunnis in Iraq

In the last months, joint forces including Shi'a paramilitary groups ousted IS…

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Azhar condemns Sunni mosques attacks in Baghdad

At least seven Sunni mosques were destroyed in Mugdadeya, north Baghadad

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Syria rebels agree truce with Hezbollah in key areas

The Shi'a Hezbollah movement, allied to the regime in Syria, has confirmed…

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After Yemen shootings of Red Cross workers, 28 dead in Sanaa mosque bombings

Attacks in Yemen's capital have left 28 people dead and 75 wounded,…

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Saudi Arabia and Iran: Volatile political geography of oil and minorities

The fact that dissatisfied minorities populate the oil-rich regions of Iran and…

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Al-Azhar condemns partial demolition of Sunni mosque in Tehran

Sunni institution called such acts “incitement”

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Al-Tayyeb warns against alleged Shi’a campaigns

Matter seems political and those campaigns are funded by the Saudi regime,…

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Al-Azhar condemns Dutch parliamentarian’s attempted publishing of anti-Islam video

Wilders said he will publish cartoon video on Prophet Mohammed to counter…

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