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Egypt, Yemen review latest security updates

Saudi-led coalition has bombed several Houthi locations in Yemen’s capital Sana’a

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Egypt condemns attack on UAE embassy in Yemen

The attack took place on Sunday as the UAE takes part in…

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Egypt denies it blocked Houthi delegation’s UN flight to Geneva

Houthi delegation arrives a day late in Geneva for talks aimed at…

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UNESCO condemns destruction of old Sana’a heritage site

Site which dates to Ottoman era, was destroyed in Saudi airstrike

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Coalition forces bomb Yemen’s Central Security HQ in Sana’a

Egypt-Yemen national security conference held in Ain Shams University

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Coalition blockade ‘in violation of the laws of war’: HRW

Yemeni healthcare about to collapse; Moroccan fighter jet "missing" after air strike

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Houthis agree on proposed truce, ceasefire to begin Tuesday

Earlier Saudi proposal has been accepted; Malaysia to join Saudi-led coalition

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Senegal pledges support, Yemen faces worsening humanitarian crisis

Recent airstrikes rendered Sana’a airport useless, cutting off one of last remaining…

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Evidence of cluster munitions used in Yemen: HRW

Rights group accuses coalition of dropping the banned munitions near villages, violating…

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Yemeni health system ‘crippled’: ICRC

International Committee for the Red Cross says airstrikes and fighting have "crippled"…

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