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MPs investigated for insulting speaker

Since its election, the parliament witnessed several penalties, cancellation of memberships

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Africa and the death penalty: Time to let go!

By Ivan Simonovic On Tuesday, 6 June 1995, over a year after…

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Human rights group calls for release of detainees exceeding pre-trial detention limit

Article 143 of the Code of Criminal Procedures states that the period…

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3 policemen referred to trial over torture accusations

Detained man was allegedly beaten to death in police station

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Egypt’s judiciary unites opposing political currents in one trial

Mohamed Morsi, Alaa Abdel Fattah, Amr Hamzawy among 25 accused of 'insulting…

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What UPR recommendations did Egypt reject?

The rejected recommendations dealt a range of issues such as death penalty,…

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Counting the cost of East Africa’s poaching economy

Kenyan and Tanzanian ports are the “primary gateway” for ivory smuggled to…

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ECCR warns against pushing for harsher penalties against children

Children’s rights organisation describes calls made by state-affiliated NCCM as “irresponsible”

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Six month sentence for burning flag

Cabinet had recently approved harsher penalties for flag desecration

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By Dr Cesar Chelala The conviction of four men in India, accused of gang…

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