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Egypt… Gift of the Nile: Threatened by Ethiopia’s GERD

Egyptians Right to the Water of Nile petition launched by Egyptian American

Mohamed Samir Mohamed Samir

Irrigation ministry explains reasons behind Nile Waters’ colour change

Water’s silty colour has no negative impact on quality of drinking water,

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Owning GERD does not give Ethiopia right to control Nile: Shoukry

Ethiopia had announced that it would continue to build the dam and

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Surfing the Nile on bicycles

Plastic waste differs from one place to another, yet remains a struggle

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Egypt’s water share to decline by 5bn m3: Ministry of Irrigation

Ministry of Irrigation declared state of emergency over water situation 

Mohammed El-Said Mohammed El-Said

Refugees in Egypt participate in clean-up of Nile 

Volunteers are from Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen

Nada Deyaa’ Nada Deyaa’

Life of young fisherman by the Nile

‘Being born and raised near the Nile, brings you closer to it.

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Verynile: local initiative seeking to end Nile’s pollution

‘Broken ceramic sinks, old clothes, blankets, plastic bags, boxes, some of what

Nada Deyaa’ Nada Deyaa’

Ancient Egyptian secret roots of Yoga

Celebrating rebirth of Nile heritage on Dahabeya

Yasmine Al Tawdy Yasmine Al Tawdy

Abdel Aty reviews Egypt’s water efforts, challenges in Nile committee in Sudan

Regular meeting of 58 round of committee kicked off on Friday

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