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UN Security Council holds talks on regional developments with Arab League in Cairo

Egypt is heading the UNSC mission during May and vows to push…

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ARADO conference kicks off on 15 December 

Arab states urgently need economic, political development models consistent with global variations…

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El-Araby inaugurates Arab Women conference

A unified Arab vision for women’s role is top priority

Nourhan Elsebahy Nourhan Elsebahy

We must take responsibility for ceasefire to end refugee crisis: Arab League

Foreign community is wrongfully accusing Arab states of refugees’ negligence, says Secretary…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Arab League head sparks anger among Christians

Nabil El-Araby had claimed that Catholic and Protestant Christians follow different holy…

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Joining military force ‘optional’: El-Araby

Arab military force will be formed under supervision of a high-level team of…

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UN envoy in Cairo as Libya violence continues

International community reiterates call for ceasefire, backs political dialogue

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In Pictures: World leaders gather in Cairo for permanent Gaza solution

International community representatives at the Gaza Reconstruction Conference in Cairo called Sunday…

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World leaders gather in Cairo for permanent Gaza solution

Egypt and Norway are co-hosting the conference in conjunction with US Secretary…

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‘Terminology’ of Gaza ceasefire proposal still needs work: Kerry

Netanyahu agrees to 12-hour “pause” in Gaza, Kerry hopeful for extension

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