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Kazeboon street campaign aims to expose SCAF lies

CAIRO: October 9, Maspero march attacked: 27 dead. November 19-24, Mohamed Mahmoud clashes: more than 40 dead. December 17, Cabinet sit-in dispersed and ensuing clashes: 17 dead. “These three consecutive massacres show the escalation in the level of oppression and crime by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces [SCAF] against the people and against …


New campaign aims to expose military ‘lies’

CAIRO: Twenty-one groups and coalitions launched Monday a campaign to expose what they called “lies” by the ruling military council about the deadly crackdown on protesters on Dec. 16 and the consequent clashes. “Askar Kazeboon” (Lying Military) Campaign released a video to coincide with a press conference by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces …


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