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Arab spring or summer of discontent?

By John Defterios Protests have rekindled in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on a grand scale. Hundreds were injured and expressed their frustration at what they see at the snail’s pace of change after the Arab uprisings that started in Tunis six months ago. It is a good time to take stock at the half year point since …


The Greek debt rumor mill

By John Defterios It does not take much to get the market in Athens agitated these days. Not a trading session goes by without rumors of a pending restructuring of Greek debt. But what seemed on the surface to be a straightforward exchange of internal thoughts at Citigroup created a storm matching the famously dry Meltemi …


Saudi Arabian matters

By John Defterios Two so called “Days of Rage” have been etched in the month of March in Saudi Arabian calendars. One just passed without major upheaval, but with a high level of intervention by interior security forces and imams advising followers not to take to the streets in protest. These scheduled protests are bookends on …


Middle East: Change is never easy

By John Defterios As an active observer and a consistent visitor of the Middle East, one asks a simple question: Why does it have to be this way? I am not talking about Shia/Sunni divides, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict or Iran’s growing influence in the region, but persistent and unacceptable levels of poverty in a region blessed …


Qatar: 77 million ton giant

By John Defterios While the football world and all its fans were rightly focussed on Qatar 2022 — a story kept on the boil by FIFA President Sepp Blatter — the tiny Gulf state announced a big milestone for the natural resource that made it famous, natural gas. 77 million metric tons may not trigger alarm …


G20 or G2?

By John Defterios ABU DHABI: The good news is that the G20 represents 85 percent of global output. The bad news is that it is functioning more like the G2 with the current superpower (US) and the future superpower (China) dominating the agenda. US President Barack Obama is facing intense political heat at home and as …


View from the region’s western frontier

By John Defterios If vibrant colors, sights and sounds were rated as indicators to attract business and foreign direct investment, Marrakech and Morocco in general would win that competition hands down. Entering the giant market square Jemaa El Fna a half hour before sunset takes one to a bygone era. Traders, craftsmen and the odd purveyor …


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