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Highest HIV rates are in MENA region, with 36,000 cases: UNAIDS Egypt

It is important to provide psychological support for HIV patients as it…

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Second-ever HIV patient cured: study

It comes 10 years after first case, known as the ‘Berlin Patient’

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

HIV infects 1 teen girl every 3 minutes: UN

Teenage girls are unfairly bearing the brunt of the AIDS crisis, a…

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Africa’s progress in the fight against HIV/Aids

The South African city of Durban is the venue for the 2016…

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European Inventor Awards highlight progress in treatment of HIV, Parkinson’s and cancer

The European Inventor Awards ceremony held in Lisbon highlighted some of the…

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177 inmates tested for HIV for ‘proximity’ with positive detainee

Two detainees, arrested for homosexuality, are suspected of having transferred HIV due…

Taha Sakr Taha Sakr

Graffiti exhibition fights social perception of AIDS/HIV

The community fears those who are infected, says artist

Asmaa Gamal Asmaa Gamal

Most common HIV symptoms

At early stages, many patients might not develop any obvious symptoms

Nourhan Elsebahy Nourhan Elsebahy

World AIDs Day: Doctors spread awareness and hope to patients

AIDs is chronic but patients can live average lifespan with treatment

Nourhan Elsebahy Nourhan Elsebahy

World AIDS Day calls for a ‘rethink’ on HIV

Social stigma prevents many HIV positive Egyptians from seeking medical help

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