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26 Ramsis bathhouse defendants acquitted

Defendants’ lawyer vows to file lawsuit against journalist who reported and filmed

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Ramses bath house trial verdict postponed to 12 January

Defence questions legality of arrests, accuses police of allowing media to film

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

First court session for high-profile Ramses ‘gay’ bathhouse case postponed

Accused protested their innocence and reported daily beatings, while families were ejected

Emir Nader Emir Nader

Over 150 arrested on charges of ‘debauchery’ since 30 June: EIPR

Bath house raid one of many cases of clampdown on homosexuality since

Emir Nader Emir Nader

HRW condemns Egypt’s sentencing of same-sex wedding defendants

Sentences reveal frailty of Egyptian judiciary, says LGBT group

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Activists launch legal guide for homosexuals in Egypt

Guide discusses violations against homosexuals by the police, employers and people in

Marwa Morgan Marwa Morgan