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Cairo International Film Festival: New horizons to communicate with international film industry

This year’s edition of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) included an…

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Cairo Contemporary Dance Center celebrates its first generation with five-day dance festival 

CCDC is very first full-time contemporary dancing school not only in Egypt…

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Egypt to host first online puppet festival in March

Aiming to revive the various puppet theatre arts in Egypt, Kayan marionette…

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Nefertiti steals the show at sand sculpture festival

The statue brilliantly captured the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean as…

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Egypt Art Festival: A platform to introduce emerging artists into the cultural scene

Many underground musical bands found a chance to perform in front of…

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Germany’s culture elite gears up for Bayreuth

It's all about the operas of Richard Wagner - but it's also…

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‘India by the Nile’ festival held with great success

The Bollywood show was a sell-out, with security having a tough time…

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D-caf: The contemporary advocate of downtown returns

This year, the festival brought a new idea that brings out arts’…

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In Pictures: Egyptians ask for intercession on Mulid Al-Hussein

  A giant whirl of people from across Egypt and the world…

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Egypt enters Guinness record with the world’s largest Koshary plate

Disappointment hit some due to bad organisation, while others found it satisfying

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