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Economic reform decisions bring Egypt back to global investment map: BEBA

A “doorknock” delegation, organised by the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA), revealed that there are positive indicators for Egypt’s transformation towards attracting major investments in the near future.   This was announced during BEBA’s visit to the UK from 8 to 10 November, with the participation of more than 50 companies and financial institutions. During …

Nihal Samir

Egypt lifts cooking gas prices, why it’s trivial

By Farah Halime How fitting that on April Fool’s Day, the Egyptian government attempts to deceive us all by claiming that its plans to raise the price of state-subsidised cooking gas for the first time in two decades will actually make any difference to the country’s energy subsidy spending. In fact, it won’t, and it is unlikely …

Daily News Egypt

Reactionary not progressive: Egypt’s economic policy

By Farah Halime In a desperate move to save power, Egypt’s international airport will close most of its runways for four hours each day from early June, Reuters has reported. The airport is the latest casualty of Egypt’s struggle to pay for fuel imports. As if to soften the blow, Reuters quoted the civil aviation minister Wael al-Maadawi …

Daily News Egypt

Singapore PM urges India to push reforms

New Delhi (AFP) — Singapore’s prime minister on Wednesday urged India to press ahead with economic reforms and added that foreign investors need a “predictable” environment in which to invest their money. Visiting Prime Minister Lee HsienLoong’s comments in New Delhi come as foreign investors have expressed growing concern about India’s paralysed reform process, policy …

Daily News Egypt

US urges support for economic reform in Egypt

By Louis Charbonneau and Michelle Nichols / Reuters UNITED NATIONS: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday urged the international community to support the International Monetary Fund in its efforts to reach agreement quickly with Cairo on an economic reform and stabilization program for Egypt. “The international community must provide strong support for the IMF …


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