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Airstrikes destroy Taliban base, kill 12 in North Afghanistan

Taliban militants, according to the official, were planning to storm security checkpoints…

Xinhua Xinhua

Israel launches airstrikes on Lebanese, Iraqi borders with Syria

Strikes targeted Lebanon, Popular Mobilisation Forces strongholds in Iraq

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

UN calls for Libya ceasefire; EU condemns airstrikes against civilian infrastructure

Number of Turkish military personnel injured in LNA’s airstrike in Misrata

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Airstrikes hit Tripoli, Mitiga airport reopened  

Clashes escalated after White House announced Trump’s Haftar phone call

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Syrian, Russian airstrikes hit Idlib after day of Teheran’s summit failure

At Tehran summit, Erdogan calls for ceasefire in Syria; Iran, Russia reject

Mohammed El-Said Mohammed El-Said

Saudi-led coalition intensifies airstrikes on Yemen 

Houthi movement seized control in Sanaa after killing former president Saleh

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Egypt pledges right to self-defence before UNSC by Libya airstrikes

The airstrikes follow Minya bus terrorist attack of which IS claimed responsibility

Farah Bahgat Farah Bahgat

Global polarisation over US airstrikes against Syrian military

Politicians varied towards Egypt’s reaction to the US airstrikes

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Airstrikes leave scores dead ahead of Syria ceasefire

Hours after the announcement of a US-Russia brokered ceasefire deal aimed at…

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