Kremlin accuses NATO of direct involvement in Ukraine conflict as fighting intensifies

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The Kremlin has accused the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) of direct confrontation with Russia over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

This follows statements from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suggesting Ukraine could use NATO-supplied weapons to attack Russian territory.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov rejected Stoltenberg’s statements, arguing that NATO is directly involved in the conflict and escalating tensions. Russia has repeatedly warned against such actions in recent weeks, as fighting intensifies along a 700-mile front.

A new Russian offensive has seen gains near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, with Ukrainian forces retreating under heavy bombardment. Despite billions of dollars in US military aid, Ukrainian troops have struggled to contain the Russian advance.

Morale and manpower issues have reportedly plagued Ukrainian forces after months of continuous fighting, exacerbated by delays in a $60bn US military aid package. This delay has weakened Ukraine’s air defences, leaving them vulnerable to Russian missile attacks.

As the conflict escalates, Ukraine’s allies are grappling with how to utilize frozen Russian assets to support Kyiv’s war effort. This issue is top of the agenda at the Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers’ meeting in Stresa, Italy.

Ukraine and its supporters have called for the confiscation of $260bn in frozen Russian assets, but European officials have resisted due to legal and financial stability concerns.

Meanwhile, Russia launched military drills involving tactical nuclear weapons, citing “provocative statements and threats” from Western officials. This further raises the stakes in the conflict, as Russia demonstrates its willingness to escalate in response to perceived threats.


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