Egyptian, Japanese Judo communities celebrate new coach at Tokyo’s Embassy in Cairo

Daily News Egypt
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The Japanese Embassy in Cairo hosted a remarkable sports event to welcome the new coach of the Egyptian Judo national team, Hiroshi Izumi, a Japanese gold medalist. The event was attended by the Egyptian Judo national team, the President of the Egyptian Judo Federation, Marzouk Ali, and the legendary Egyptian champion, Mohamed Rashwan, who won the silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The Japanese ambassador to Egypt, Hiroshi Oka, expressed his delight with this event and said that he was impressed by the number of Egyptians who practice Judo since he took office. He noted that Judo is more than a physical exercise for Egyptians, as it also fosters respect and sportsmanship.

The ambassador stressed that Judo is a bridge between the Egyptian and Japanese people. He congratulated the Egyptian Judo national team for their achievements in various international competitions and wished them more success and medals under their new Japanese coach.

Hiroshi Oka also praised the new coach of the Egyptian national team, Hiroshi Izumi, for his skills and experience as a former world champion.

Marzouk Ali, the president of the Egyptian Judo Federation, thanked the Japanese ambassador for his support and encouragement to the Egyptian national team. He emphasized the importance of the Egyptian-Japanese relations in Judo, especially since Mohamed Rashwan’s historic silver medal at the Olympics.

Ali expressed his confidence in Hiroshi Izumi’s ability to lead the Egyptian national team to more victories and championships in the near future.

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