BRICS Nations Chart New Course with Expansion and Shared Priorities 

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The first BRICS Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas meeting under Russia’s chairmanship convened in Moscow, welcoming five new members: Egypt, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia. This expansion, a key priority for 2024, aims to strengthen the alliance’s voice in global affairs and build a more equitable multipolar world order.

Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister and head of the country’s delegation in BRICS, Ambassador Ragui Al-Etrebi, accompanied by Egypt’s Ambassador to Russia Nazih El-Nagari, participated in the BRICS member states meeting.

Strengthening Economic Ties and Reducing Reliance on Global System:

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, acting as BRICS Sherpa, emphasized the focus on developing economic connections within the group, TV BRICS reported. He highlighted plans to explore using national and local currencies in cross-border transactions, minimizing reliance on the current global economic system. China’s BRICS Sherpa, Ma Zhaoxu, echoed this sentiment, advocating for increased use of national currencies and active support for the BRICS New Development Bank.

Collaboration in Key Sectors:

Discussions addressed crucial areas like healthcare and technology. India proposed establishing a BRICS common medicine depository, while South Africa’s Sherpa noted rising interest in BRICS from developed nations, reflecting confidence in the group’s goals and principles. Additionally, the UAE expressed the intent to share its digital economy expertise to achieve BRICS’ digital transformation goals.

New BRICS Members Contribute Fresh Perspectives:

Egypt’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Ragui El-Etreby, pledged active participation in various sectors, including trade, technology, and logistics. Ethiopia’s Sherpa, Mamo Mihretu, welcomed the expansion and expressed belief it will open a new chapter in BRICS’ multilateral partnership.

Building on 2023 Achievements:

Brazil’s sous-sherpa, Ana Maria Bierrenbach, highlighted 2023’s successes under South Africa’s presidency, including over 200 events and significant progress in science, technology, and health. Notably, 2023 also saw the historic accession of new members, a significant step for the alliance.

Overall, the BRICS Sherpas meeting signals a renewed commitment to collaboration and expansion. By addressing shared priorities and leveraging diverse perspectives, the group aims to forge a more equitable and prosperous future.

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