Palestinian Prime Minister urges sanctions against Israel for continued violations of international law 

Sami Hegazi
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Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has called for sanctions against Israel for its continued violations of international law, international humanitarian law, and United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Speaking at the Doha Forum in the Qatari capital, Shtayyeh emphasized that these sanctions should not be limited to Israel, but also to all parties that have given Israel the green light to persist in killing Palestinians.

“The United States has vetoed a Security Council resolution [on a ceasefire in Gaza], so we must hold it accountable as part of the attack against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank,” said Shtayyeh. He questioned how many Palestinians must lose their lives before Israel considers its vengeance complete, asserting that the Israeli government is not seeking political goals but revenge.

He expressed concern not only about the Israeli murder spree but also about the people of Gaza facing an Israeli war of starvation, with over 40,000 injured in need of medicine and treatment. He noted that only one out of five crossings is operational in Gaza, which is insufficient.

Shtayyeh stressed Israel’s responsibility as an occupying power to secure electricity, water, food, and medicine for Gaza. He said the Israeli Minister of Energy was the one who cut off electricity and water to Gaza, including to vital facilities like hospitals, labeling it a criminal act prohibited by international laws.

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