Johnson Controls, Summit technology solutions join forces to deliver smart facility management systems

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Johnson Controls, a global leader in reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings, has chosen Summit technology solutions, a leading company in information technology and digital transformation, as an authorized distributor of its smart facility management systems products.

Johnson Controls offers a wide range of energy solutions for buildings, such as cooling systems, building automation systems, energy efficiency systems, air systems, fire suppression equipment, and more. These solutions and systems are provided by Summit Technical Solutions to the Egyptian and global markets, reflecting the latest innovations and technologies from Johnson Controls.

smart facility management systems are essential for managing the indoor environment, controlling temperature, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, heating, cooling, and air distribution throughout the building. They also integrate with alarm and fire systems, as well as door access control, enabling customers to make more intelligent decisions using Johnson Controls’ AI-powered control units. This improves the comfort, safety, and productivity of building occupants.

Majida Al-Sabaa, Chairperson of Summit technology solutions, said that they would supply its customers in new projects with various types of BMS from Johnson Controls, including institutional, residential, and tourist facilities, as well as banks and hospitals.

Al-Sabaa confirmed that the new solutions would help save energy, which is also a national goal in line with the Egyptian state’s strategy of rationalizing energy use and relying on clean alternatives, as well as the trend towards digital transformation in current and future projects.

Ibrahim Salem, Regional Director for Egypt, Lebanon, and Yemen at Johnson Controls, stated that this strategic partnership would have a significant impact on the Egyptian market. Johnson Controls’ systems and solutions help conserve energy and support the Egyptian government’s efforts in this regard. This agreement will enable Summit for Technical Solutions to provide all engineering solutions related to BMS systems, from system design and programming to commissioning, fault detection, and repair, as well as training building operation teams.

Salem added that this collaboration would mark the beginning of a long and fruitful journey to provide AI-based services that meet the needs of customers, whether in government projects or the private sector. They look forward to assisting their clients by providing a unique experience in line with the company’s strategic goals for digital transformation and digital sustainability. He expressed confidence in Summit’s role in delivering Johnson’s solutions and systems, which led them to announce this strategic partnership today.

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